1. When do you run?
  2. What will we see?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. What about food?
  5. How do we get there?
  6. What size groups can you accommodate?
  7. How do I make a booking?

When do you run?

All our tours are bespoke i.e. they are tailored to the individual or group and so are run on a date convenient to yourself and to a schedule devised in conjunction with your interests. The length of tour is normally a day but can be longer if required.

What will we see?

Often our customers have seen a particular episode or place and want that location to be included in which case we can usually incorporate that into the day. Some have special interests such as just wanting to visit for example Midsomer ‘churches’ or Inspector Morse ‘pubs’ and again we can accommodate such requests. As far as possible we always try to organise the schedule to visit not only the ‘standard’ well-known locations but off the beaten track places as well. This often includes visits to places not open to the public by private invitation.Further, we always try to include a mixture of different types of location so that there will be appeal to everybody. In addition the locations chosen often have filming anecdotes associated with them and illustrate how filming takes place which is of additional interest, even to those not necessarily interested in a particular program. Being bespoke we are able to combine aspects of various tours e.g. often those interested in Midsomer Murders are also Inspector Morse fans so we can combine those interests quite easily since many of the locations are used by both production companies.

How much does it cost?

As the tours are bespoke so the cost is also not on a fixed scale. However, as a guide if you have a coach party the cost of guide is fixed at £10 per person per day, while for around £30 per person morning coffee, all admissions, lunch and afternoon tea is also included – you just need to provide the coach and passengers. For a couple in a private chauffeur driven limousine the same would be of the order of £250 per person. Obviously this type of tour can be more specialised and include extra places not accessible to a coach party. It has been commented that a day with us is equivalent to a luxury day out on the Orient-Express. The cost can also vary depending on the time of day and discounts being available for children

What about food?

As far as possible we try to have the refreshment breaks and lunch in for example a Midsomer Murders pub.

How do we get there?

For those travelling long distances or from abroad we can arrange pick-ups and drop-offs at airports and hotels as required.

What size groups can you accommodate?

As to size, we handle tours from the individual in a private limousine up to full coach of over fifty persons.

How do I make a booking?

If the above sounds of interest please do contact us either by e-mail, or best of all by telephone +44 (0)1223 473025 and we will be happy to discuss how we can organise a special day for you.