Harry Potter

Where was Harry Potter filmed? Harry's story is set in a magical Britain, and all of the places mentioned in the books, except London, are fictional, but you can visit many real film locations. 

London – by far the highest density of filming locations is in London. This tour takes you by car to around 20 different locations where you will see Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, Gringotts Bank, Platform 9 ¾ and two entrances to the Ministry of Magic among many others.

London Suburbs – on this tour you will see Hermione’s house, Picket Post Close, where Hagrid’s hut originally stood, one of the sites Hogwarts railway station, where to catch the Knight Bus and lots more besides.

Oxford/Lacock/Gloucester – it is possible to visit two/three of these in a day and see three different Hogwarts (including the Great Hall, infirmary, classrooms and where Malfoy is turned into a ferret) along with Professor Slughorn’s house.

Alnwick/Durham/Yorkshire – where the first Hogwarts and Hogwarts Express are located.

Scotland – this tour is centred around Fort William and takes in the main sites around Glen Coe, Glenfinnan and the Steall Falls.

At a glance

There are basically five areas where most of the Harry Potter filming took place. Each takes a full day or longer to explore.


Optional Extras

Tours may be combined into several days and with the London and London Suburbs tour you may add a visit to the Making of Harry Potter attraction at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.


Coach parties: £10 per person for services of guide based on a minimum of 30 persons. Morning coffee, 2-course lunch and afternoon tea can be added as per budget. Please note that the London based tours are not suitable for large coach parties.

Individuals: £250 per person based on two persons inclusive of chauffeured limousine, morning coffee, 2-course lunch, afternoon tea, pick-up and drop-off within 50 miles of London. For the Oxford, Alnwick and Scotland tours please enquire as a travel supplement will apply.

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